Spotify Music

Spotify Music

The music you want, when you want it

Spotify is a music streaming app that lets you listen to millions of songs from your smartphone. View full description


  • Large music library
  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent music discovery options
  • Slick interface
  • Offline mode (for premium subscribers)


  • Battery killer
  • Not great with weaker data connections

Very good

Spotify is a music streaming app that lets you listen to millions of songs from your smartphone.

Discover new music

Once installed, you can listen to anything from Spotify's huge library of songs. You can sync with playlists you have on your desktop, create new ones, or just listen to albums, or artist selections.

There are options to search for your favorite songs and artists or browse playlists and newly released songs or use the 'discover' option to listen to music Spotify has recommended for you based on your listening tastes.

Spotify is getting better and better at music discovery and there are plenty of ways to expand your musical awareness through the app. For example, the Browse section allows you to explore curated playlists based on different genres of music. There are thousands available and it's a great way to check out sub-genres of the type of music you like.

The Radio feature within Spotify is another neat way of discovering tracks and artists you might enjoy. You can listen to stations based on a genre, or build stations around artists, tracks, and even playlists that you've been playing.

Playlists are, of course, still a key feature of Spotify. You can use the app to listen to playlists you've already created via the mobile, desktop or web versions of Spotify. And there's more you can do with playlists too, including editing, sharing, or even making them collaborative, so others can add songs to them.

Then, if you're a premium subscriber, Spotify offers the option to listen to your music without a data connection, which is a godsend for saving on mobile data. Simply mark a playlist as 'Available offline' and the tracks will be cached to your device so you can listen to them without a connection.

Excellent navigation

This version of Spotify looks gorgeous and makes it easy to start enjoying Spotify on your Android device. Its interface is really easy to navigate. Searching is simple, while song results are easy to browse and well organized. Any track you listen to can easily be added to playlists, which themselves are easy to edit, reorder, and shuffle. Album art looks crisp as well.

In addition, Spotify offers the ability to start a Radio station based on your favorite playlist, album, artist, or song. Much like Pandora, you can vote songs up or down, based on how much you enjoyed listening to it.

One important thing to note about using the Spotify mobile app is that it can quickly suck your battery dry. Unless you subscribe to the premium version, you get frequent adverts and can only listen in shuffle mode.

A joy for music lovers

Spotify gives other music discovery apps a run for their money with its slick interface, impressive song library and excellent music discovery options.

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What's new in Spotify?

If you’re a Premium user, you can now play Spotify through your computer, using your phone or tablet as a remote. Then you can use the Spotify app to control the sound. To do this, make sure you’ve got the latest version of Spotify on both your computer and your phone/tablet then og in to Spotify on your phone/tablet, and play any song. When you’ve done that tap the Now Playing bar, and hit the Connect icon. And that’s it!

Spotify Music


Spotify Music

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